The workshop will be held in conjunction with the MICCAI workshop on Computational Diffusion MRI (CDMRI 13). Click here for the MMBC proceedings.

8:45-9:00am: Opening Remarks
Archana Venkataraman

9:00-9:45am: Keynote Lecture I
Guido Gerig, SCI-University of Utah
Modeling of Early Brain Development from Longitudinal Diffusion MRI for Assessment of Growth Trajectories

9:45-10:15am: Oral Session I – Properties of Structural Connectivity
Chair: Yogesh Rathi

Disrupted Brain Connectivity in Alzheimer’s Disease: Effects of Network Thresholding Madelaine Daianu et al., LONI, UCLA

Rich Club Analysis of Structural Brain Connectivity at 7 Tesla versus 3 Tesla
Emily Dennis et al., LONI, UCLA

10:15-10:45am: Coffee Break

10:45-11:30am: Keynote Lecture II
Thomas Yeo, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Organization of the Human Brain Estimated by Intrinsic Functional Connectivity

11:30am-12:15pm: Oral Session II – Multimodal and Population Analysis
Chair: Bertrand Thirion

Coupled Intrinsic Connectivity: A Principled Method for Exploratory Analysis of Paired Data Dustin Scheinost et al., Yale University

Power Estimates for Voxel-Based Genetic Association Studies using Diffusion Imaging Neda Jahanshad et al., LONI-IGC

Global changes in the connectome in autism spectrum diseases
Caspar Jonas Goch et al., German Cancer Research Center

12:15-12:30pm: Group Discussion
Gaël Varoquaux

12:30-2:15pm: Lunch & Poster Session

2:15-3:00pm: Oral Session III – Statistical Analysis of dMRI (CDMRI 13)

Statistical Analysis of White Matter Integrity for the Clinical Study of Specifc Language Impairment in Children. Emmanuel Vallée et al., Inria, INSERM

Estimating Uncertainty in White Matter Tractography Using Wild Non-Local Bootstrap. Pew-Thian Yap et al, University of North Carolina

3:00-3:30pm: Coffee Break

3:30-5:00pm: Oral Session IV – Diffusion Modeling (CDMRI 13)

Fiberfox: An Extensible System for Generating Realistic White Matter Software Phantoms. Peter Neher et al., German Cancer Research Center

Uncertainty in Tractography via Tract Confidence Regions.
Colin Brown, Simon Fraser University

A Novel Riemannian Metric for Geodesic Tractography in DTI.
Andrea Fuster et al., Eindhoven University of Technology

Groupwise Deformable Registration of Fiber Track Sets using Track Orientation Distributions. Daan Christiaens et al., KU Leuven