CDM Seminar Series
Fall 2002 - Fall 2004

Abstract Archives

Here you can find archived abstracts from past talks given at this Seminar Series for the time period above. Below is a list of speakers and respective seminar abstracts, in chronological order.


Date Speaker Talk Title Archive
10.21.02 Phil Chan, PhD Learning Models for Anomaly Detection Abstract
10.28.02 Meghan Dierks, MD Reporting, Investigating and Analyzing Medical Error and Adverse Events: GALEN Common Reference Model-Based Approach Abstract
11.04.02 William Long, PhD Parsing Nursing Notes Abstract
11.18.02 Michael McGeachie RedBook: an Ontology-Driven Webportal Abstract
3.12.03 Ying Zhang Real-Time Data Collection and Alarm Algorithm Development in Patient Monitoring Abstract
3.19.03 Phil Chan, PhD Learning States and Rules for Time-Series Anomaly Detection Abstract
4.02.03 Joseph Hastings Incremental Bayesian Segmentation of Sequences of System Calls for Intrusion Detection Abstract
4.23.03 Peter Szolovits, PhD Parsing Medicalese Abstract
4.30.03 Kim Vicente, PhD Simulation in Human Factors Evaluation of Medical Devices: Opportunities, Limitations and Obstacles Abstract
5.07.03 Isaac Kohane, PhD The Human Phenome Project Abstract
5.14.03 Julian Goldman, MD Trends and Innovations in Clinical Monitoring: a Review and Research Agenda Abstract
5.30.03 Asher Schachter, MD, MMSc Predictive Modeling of the Drug Development Domain: A Bayesian Application for Pharmacovigilance Abstract
10.02.03 Mojdeh Mohtashemi, PhD Transients and Early Detection of Epidemics of Infectious Disease: Towards Real-Time Public Health Surveillance Abstract
10.09.03 Ron Pinter Simulation of Metabolic Pathways: Modeling, Analysis, and Experimentation Abstract
10.30.03 David Sarracino, PhD On Proteomics Abstract
11.06.03 Simon Kasif, PhD Multi-Scale Analysis of Biological Systems Abstract
11.13.03 Michael McGeachie Preferences and Utility in Decision Theory Abstract
12.04.03 Ronilda Lacson, MD Medical Appointment Scheduler Abstract
4.28.04 Delin Shen An Exploratory Analysis on Nurses' Health Study Abstract
5.05.04 Stephanie Hope PING Supported by Distributed Data Storage Abstract
5.12.04 Meghan Dierks, MD How safe is that hospital?
Qualitative and quantitative models of medical error
5.19.04 Gianluigi Fioriglio The Future of Health Information Systems Abstract
10.29.04 John Perry Clinical Event Monitor Abstract
11.12.04 Michael Sung LiveNet Abstract
11.19.04 Thomas Lasko, MD On the Consistency of Experts in Assigning Variables within Medical Expert Systems Abstract
12.03.04 Christopher Cassa Achieving Anonymization of Patient Identifiable Information While Maintaining Spatial Detection Sensitivity Abstract


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