CDM Seminar Series 2003-04


Personal Internetworked Notary and Guardian Supported by Distributed Data Storage

Stephanie Hope
MEng student, Clinical Decision Making Group
May 5, 2004
2pm, 32-250


OceanStore is a distributed hash table that provides persistent distributed data
storage. It allows object location in a severely partitioned network through
the utilization of decentralized object location and routing. OceanStore's
ability to maintain itself through introspection helps to ensure object
location. Finally, it uses Byzantine agreement and versioning to provide
object consistency. PING aims to provide a means to allow patients to manage
their own medical records. It uses current HIPAA guidelines and the lure of a
more complete medical history as an incentive to encourage health care providers
to participate. It gives the individual power over their record management by
allowing them to determine the access roles required to view/update their
record. It also allows to user to specify custom access policies and custom
actions. If PING is to be expanded to a nationwide project, then it cannot
continue to rely on a handful of servers to provide storage. A possible
solution would be to use a DHT, like OceanStore, as the storage layer for PING.
It has yet to be determined if the combination of these two systems will meet
performance standards.


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