CDM Seminar Series 2004-05


Mobile Technologies for Proactive Healthcare Applications
Michael Sung
MIT Media Lab
Graduate Student

Friday, 11/12/04
1:00pm, 32-250

Incorporating new healthcare technologies for proactive health and elder care will become a major priority over the next decade, as medical care systems world-wide become strained by aging populations. This talk will present LiveNet, a flexible distributed mobile system that can be deployed for a variety of proactive health applications that can help reduce the strain on the healthcare industry.

The LiveNet platform enables a variety of large-scale wireless group applications by leveraging the availability of Linux-based PDA hardware combined with innovative open-source software and custom sensor hardware. The LiveNet system is based on the MIThril 2003 architecture, a proven accessible architecture that combines inexpensive commodity hardware, a flexible sensor/peripheral interconnection bus, and a powerful light-weight distributed sensing, classification, and inter-process communications software layer to facilitate the development of distributed real-time multimodal and context-aware applications.

The LiveNet system opens up the door for practical long-term continuous monitoring applications to identify physiological and behavioral trends that vary slowly with time. The system can also allow people to receive real-time feedback from their continuously monitored and analyzed health state, as well as communicate health information with care-givers and other members of an individual's social network for support and interaction.

In this talk, I will first describe the three major components to the LiveNet platform; a PDA-centric mobile wearable platform, the Enchantment software network and resource discovery API, and the MIThril real-time machine learning inference infrastructure. I will then demonstrate the functionality and flexibility of the LiveNet system by describing a number of applications and research collaborations where the system has been deployed.


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