CDM Seminar Series 2002-03


Trends and Innovations In Clinical Monitoring: A Review And Research Agenda
Julian M. Goldman, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
Harvard Medical School/Mass. General Hospital
May 14, 2003

Despite the profusion of artificial intelligence technology in the 1980s, the accuracy of Gordon Moore's
prediction of exponential growth in computational power, and the availability of sophisticated low-cost
consumer electronics, clinical monitoring systems remain inadequate to ensure safe and effective monitoring
of patients at risk of cardiopulmonary instability. As a result, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of
Healthcare Organizations designated the improvement of the effectiveness of clinical alarm systems as one
of the six 2003 National Patient Safety Goals. We will examine the hurdles that have delayed the development
of a real Star Trek Sick Bay, and introduce work in progress on a wearable Life Signs Detection system.


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