CDM Seminar Series 2003-04



The Future of Health Information Systems

Gianluigi Fioriglio
PhD Candidate, University of Lecce
University of Rome "La Sapienza"

May 19, 2004
2pm, 32-250


Many Health Information Systems improve patient care, while others make health systems more efficient. In fact, people can improve their health using some online services: information on healthy living, illness prevention tips, electronic health records, online counseling, etc. Also, the healthcare systems can reduce costs if health information networks are realized so as to speed the flow of health information through these systems.

The next Health Information Systems should combine and improve both of these aspects, in order to provide better health and healthcare through the use of information and communication technologies. People should have the possibility to have easy access to their personal health information from their homes, while the healthcare professionals should have access to personal data only if necessary to ensure patients’ health. Either in the first or in the second situation the access must be quick and secure.

So, healthcare should become e-healthcare; examples of new Health Information Systems can be found in the European Union, such as MedCom and NHS Direct Online. This objective can be accomplished only if some key principles are followed:
- interoperability
- security and privacy protection
- cost-reduction
- automatic data processing.


CDM Seminar Series