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  • Robots Are Getting More Social to Better Understand You. Allison Murray. Lifewire, November 11, 2021. (link)

  • Researchers Develop Framework to Give Robots Social Skills. Alex McFarland. Unite.AI, November 7, 2021. (link)

  • Giving robots social skills: A new machine-learning system helps robots understand and perform certain social interactions. Adam Zewe | MIT News Office. MIT News, November 5, 2021. (link)

  • Teaching robots to socialize. Brian Heater. TechCrunch, November 5, 2021. (link)

  • A robotic planner that responds to natural language commands. Ingrid Fadelli, Science X Network. In TechXplore, March 10, 2020. (link)

  • Why Machine Learning Is Still Dumb (And How We Might Fix It): When viewing an image out of context, machine learning shows that it's not very smart after all. Courtney Linder. Popular Mechanics, Dec 17, 2019. (link)

  • The mind-bending confusion of ‘hammer on a bed’ shows computer vision is far from solved: These images are designed to fool AI. James Vincent. The Verge, Dec 12, 2019. (link)

  • This object-recognition dataset stumped the world’s best computer vision models: Objects are posed in varied positions and shot at odd angles to spur new AI techniques. Kim Martineau | MIT Quest for Intelligence. MIT News, December 10, 2019. (link)

  • An obstacle course to make AI better Kaveh Waddell and Alison Snyder. Axios, Dec 7, 2019. (link)

  • The man who helped invent virtual assistants thinks they’re doomed without a new AI approach: Boris Katz has spent his career trying to help machines master language. He believes that current AI techniques aren’t enough to make Siri or Alexa truly smart. Will Knight. MIT Technology Review, March 13, 2019. (link) (TR link)

  • Combining artificial intelligence with their passions: Research projects show creative ways MIT students are connecting computing to other fields. Kim Martineau | MIT Quest for Intelligence. MIT News, March 7, 2019. (link)

  • Twenty-five ways in which MIT has transformed computing: From digital circuits to ingestible robots, the Institute has helped spearhead key innovations in the technology revolution. Adam Conner-Simons | Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL. MIT News, February 25, 2019. Item "2007: The mobile personal assistant". (link)

  • Machines that learn language more like kids do: Computer model could improve human-machine interaction, provide insight into how children learn language. Rob Matheson | MIT News Office. MIT News, October 31, 2018. (link).

  • Model helps robots navigate more like humans do: In simulations, robots move through new environments by exploring, observing, and drawing from learned experiences. Rob Matheson | MIT News Office. MIT News, October 4, 2018.(link)

  • Gauging language proficiency through eye movement: Study tracks eye movement to determine how well people understand English as a foreign language. Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office. MIT News, May 22, 2018. (link)

  • Robot learns to follow orders like Alexa: ComText, from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, allows robots to understand contextual commands. Adam Conner-Simons | Rachel Gordon | CSAIL. MIT News, August 30, 2017. (link)

  • First major database of non-native English: Resource could yield linguistic insights, practical applications for non-native English speakers. Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office. July 29, 2016. (link).

  • Certain English Errors May Decipher Clues To Dying Languages. Hidden Brain, Shankar Vedantam. NPR Morning Edition, September 30, 2014, 5:06 AM ET. (link)

  • Drones, Bitcoin, and robotic fish: Here are eight of the coolest things that happened at CSAIL in 2014. Adam Conner-Simons | CSAIL. MIT News, December 29, 2014. (link).

  • Essays in English yield information about other languages: Grammatical habits in written English reveal linguistic features of non-native speakers’ languages. Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office. MIT News, July 23, 2014. (link).

  • Unlocking the key to human intelligence. Abby Abazorius | CSAIL. MIT News, October 19, 2011. (link).

  • The Brains Behind Watson: CSAIL professor helped computer win at Jeopardy! by Larry Hardesty. MIT Technology Review, April 19, 2011. (link) (TR link)

  • Nokia Phones Go to Natural Language Class: Nokia and MIT researchers are teaching cell phones to take commands in natural language by Katherine Bourzac. MIT Technology Review, April 27, 2006. (link) (TR link)

  • Seminar brings together experts in artificial intelligence. MIT News, September 17, 1997. (link)