6.893 Advanced VLSI Computer Architecture
Class Schedule

Lecture notes are available in both PowerPoint and PDF formats. Permission is granted to copy and distribute this material for educational purposes only, provided that the complete bibliographic citation and following credit line is included: "Copyright 2000, Krste Asanovic". Permission is granted to alter and distribute this material provided that the following credit line is included: "Adapted from (complete bibliographic citation). Copyright 2000, Krste Asanovic". This material may not be copied or distributed for commercial purposes without express written permission of the copyright holder.

Readings are listed on the date they will be discussed in class, and will be made available at least one week earlier (hardcopies in class or NE43-620 for those not available online).

In the table below, bold font is used for assigned readings and project deliverables. Italic font is used for the names of machines that we will examine in some depth.

All schedule information is preliminary and may change.




9/7 R Class Introduction, Metrics Lecture notes (PPT, PDF)
9/12 T VLSI for Architects Lecture notes (PPT, PDF),
Mark Horowitz DAC'2000 slides (PPT, PDF).
9/14 R Alpha 21264 case study part 1: Microarchitecture & Performance Lecture notes (PPT, PDF),
kessler:micro:99 (Ken Conley, PPT, PDF),
cvetanovic:isca:2000 (Mark Hampton, PPT, PDF)
9/19 T Alpha 21264 case study part 2: VLSI Implementation gronowski:ijssc:1998 (Albert Ma, PPT, PDF),
farrel:jssc:1998 (Mike Zhang)
9/21 R Limits of conventional microarchitecture scaling palacharla:isca:1997 (David Maze),
(palacharla:isca:1997, alternate version, prints better)
agarwal:isca:2000 (Ed Olson, PPT, PDF)
9/26 T Project proposal: written proposal + class presentation Presentations only, no assigned readings
9/28 R Low Power Design Lecture notes (PPT, PDF),
chandrakasan:jssc:1992 + burd:jvsp:1996
10/3 T Parallel Architecture Overview Lecture notes, (PPT, PDF)
10/5 R Vectors Part 1: Cray-1, NEC SX-4/5 russel:cacm:1978 + kolodzey:ieeetchmt:1981 (Serhii Zhak),
hammond:sc:1996 + necsx5:1998 (Seongmoo Heo)
10/10 T No class: Columbus Day vacation ---
10/12 R Vectors Part 2: Data Parallel Programming zagha:sc:1991 + martin:ucb:1996 (Ripal Nathuji, PPT, PDF),
appel:js:1989 + asanovic:unpub:1998 (Robert Lee)
10/17 T VLIW Part 1: ELI-512 and Multiflow Trace fisher:isca:1983 + fisher:isca25:1998 + fisher:scc:1984 (Mike Phillips),
colwell:sc:1990 (Ronny Krashinsky)
10/19 R First project checkpoint: report outline + class presentation Presentations only, no assigned readings
10/24 T VLIW Part 2: Cydra-5 and Compilation Techniques rau:computer:1989 (Ken Barr),
chang:ieeetc:1995 + mahlke:asplos5:1992 (Andrew Menard)
10/26 R VLIW Part 3: Compilation Techniques and IA-64 Itanium mahlke:isca:1995 + august:isca:1999 (Serhii Zhak, PDF),
huck:micro:2000 + sharangpani:micro:2000 (Mike Sung)
10/31 T Multithreading: Tera MTA Lecture notes, (PPT, PDF)
alverson:sc:1990 + alverson:ics:1997 +
snavely:sc:1998 + brunett:sc:1998
11/2 R No Class Work on projects!
11/7 T Occam and Transputers Lecture notes (PPT, PDF)
Occam manual, Chapters 1, 2, & 5,
walker:byte:1985 + plumb:misc:1997 (Jason Kim)
11/9 R No Class Work on projects!
11/14 T No Class: ASPLOS-IX Conference,
Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge (Nov 13-15)
11/16 R Guest Lecture: Berkeley IRAM
Christoforos Kozyrakis, UC Berkeley
Note: This will be at 4pm in the 6th floor playroom in NE43
kozyrakis:computer:1997 + kozyrakis:ms:1999
11/21 T Second project checkpoint: report draft + class presentation Presentations only, no assigned readings
11/23 R No class: Thanksgiving vacation ---
11/28 T Reconfigurable Computing hauser:fccm:1997 + callahan:computer:2000 (Enoch Peserico),
mai:isca:2000 (Frank Honore)
11/30 R Guest Lecture: RAW Architecture and Compiler
Michael Taylor and Walter Lee
Note: This will be at 4:30pm in the 6th floor playroom in NE-43
lee:asplos:1998 + barua:isca:1999
12/5 T Final project presentations
Menard group
Hampton group
Barr group
Course evaluation
Presentations only, no assigned readings
12/7 R Final project presentations
Lee group
Krashinsky group
Peserico group
Heo group
Presentations only, no assigned readings
12/12 T No class
Final report due in 620.

Krste Asanovic (krste@mit.edu)