Infrastructure and Tools

Software and databases
  • A website that provides a testbed for developing new VLBI reconstruction algorithms. By supplying a large set of easy to understand training and testing data, we hope to make the problem more accessible to those less familiar with the VLBI field. The website contains code, a dataset, a web form to generate data, and imaging competions.
  • Code and data for instrinsic image decomposition by modeling ambient occlusion (including ground truth images of a 3D printed object):
  • Software for computing minimal descriptions of 3D scenes for use in fast geo-location algorithms:
  • Code for robustly reconstructing 3D scenes with repeated structure using our structure-from-motion disambiguation method:
  • The MIT team has released code for motion magnification. The code is available for download or request here: And there is a web-based drag-and-drop interface, maintained by Quanta Computer, here:
  • From the Washington University team: they have released a website that supports the public ability to geo-locate image data. This website,, is a human-in-the-loop tool matching image features to geo-locations
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