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Multiple values for R4RS.

          From: Kent
	  * let's add "accepts?" and remove the requirement that Scheme
	    be case insensitive.

    From: Jinx
    Again, you are being random. ..

You are ignoring Kent's point.

Using the orginal ground rules from Brandeis -- I don't know what the
ground rules are now -- if everyone wanted A and B, and not everyone
wanted C, then A and B would go in the report and those who wanted C
could have it in their implementations.  You have taken the tactic of
getting C in the report by refusing to agree to A and B, but offering
to agree on A, B, and C together.  You claim that having A and B
imposes something on you while trying to impose C on everyone else.

So now Kent is making similar offers about those C which he cares