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   From: ramsdell@linus.mitre.org
   Date: Wed, 23 Aug 89 07:33:02 EDT

   As for the politics, consider this proposal as the best opportunity
   for a compromise.  We ask Kent Dybvig to accept the critical
   property that (VALUES E) is always equivalent to E and we ask
   Guillermo Rozas to accept no agreement can currently be reached
   about an arity checking procedure.  Please do not hold WITH-VALUES
   and VALUES hostage for they really do represent existing practice,
   and many programmers use these procedures.  The art of politics is
   compromise.  What say we give it a try?

I agree.  I don't see why every language change has to be a matter of
life and death.  These questions are just not so important that the
discussions have to raise so much animosity.  It's very depressing to
see so little interest in compromise.  Why can't y'all just relax a