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Re: WIN95 & Thinkpads (VERY Long!)

If IBM had offered 1/4 of the amount of information for installing WARP on
a thinkpad as they provide for installing win95 *beta* on at thinkpad, it
would have saved me hours or days of tweaking.  From what I've read, WARP
is technically superior in every way but one (single input buffer), but if
the parent company cares so little about it, it is destined to always be a
fringe operating system with a loyal cult following.  Win95 has won the war
without a single shot...In fact, they've won with only the promise that
someday they intend to get some ammunition!

Victor Kress
Geophysical Laboratory
5251 Broad Branch Road N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20015-1305
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