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6.098 Digital and Computational Photography

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Spring 2006



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Course schedule

Tuesday and Thursday 1-2:30pm in room 36-155


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Bill Freeman     billf at csail dot mit dot edu

Frédo Durand   fredo at csail dot mit dot edu


Teaching assistant 

Ce Liu   celiu at csail dot mit dot edu


Office hours (email for other time)

Bill Freeman:      Tuesday 2:30-4pm, 32-D476

Fredo Durand:    Thursday 2:30-4pm, 32-D426

Ce Liu:              Wednesday 4-6pm, 32-D451 (conference room)


Email lists

Staff:      comp-photo-staff at csail dot mit dot edu

Everyone:   comp-photo at csail dot mit dot edu


Course contents 

Computational photography is a new field at the convergence of photography, computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics. It leverages the power of digital processing to overcome limitations of traditional photography and it offers unprecedented opportunities for the enhancement and enrichment of visual media. This advanced undergraduate course covers fundamentals and applications of hardware and software techniques, with an emphasis on software methods. The course will emphasize hands-on aspects and will culminate into a final project. The goal is to provide students with sufficient backgrounds to implement new solutions to photography challenges and opportunities.


Topics include cameras and image formation, image processing and image representations, high-dynamic-range-imaging, human visual perception and color, single view 3D model reconstruction, morphing, data-rich photography, super-resolution, image-based rendering.


6.882 meets with 6.098, but requires completion of additional homework and the presentation of a research paper.



Programming assignment will be in Matlab. Students are not required to own a digital camera, although it might help. Cameras will be available for loan.



6.098: assignment 75%, final project 25%

6.882: assignment 70% (additional questions compared to 6.098), final project 22%, paper review 8% (read and write a review for a paper from the literature)



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