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6.098 Digital and Computational Photography

6.882 Advanced Computational Photography



Spring 2006



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Related courses at MIT

Photo courses

The Edgerton Center

11.309J / 4.215J Sites in Sight: Photography as Inquiry

4.341 Introduction to Photography

4.343 Photography and Related Media

21W.749 Documentary Photography and Photo Journalism: Still Images of A World In Motion

21A.348 Photography and Truth

MAS.450 Holographic Imaging

SP.747 Creative Imaging

SP.757 Digital and Darkroom Imaging

6.163 Strobe Project Laboratory

Around Boston

Museum of Fine Art (don't miss the Ansel Adams exhibit)

Related courses outside MIT

Computational Photography by Alexei (Alyosha) Efros

Computer Vision by Steve Seitz and Rick Szeliski

From "The Matrix" to "The Matrix Revolution" A Modern Approach to Computational Photography and Videos by Jingyi Yu

Computational Photography by Ramesh Raskar et al.

Computational photography by Marc Levoy and Bennett Wilburn

Computational Photography by Irfan Essa

Introduction to Visual Computing by Kyros Kutulakos

Topics in Image-Based Modeling and Rendering by David Kriegman

The Art and Science of Photography: Drawing with Light by Brian Barsky

Andrew Davidhazy, Rochester Institute of Technology
Color Vision Imaging Science & Technology by Dr. Hagit Hel-Or

Computational Photography Research

Symposium on Computational Photography and Video Cambridge, MA (May 2005)

Technical material

Photoshop healing brush and covariant derivatives by Todor Georgiev
Image alignment and stitching (by Rick Szeliski)
Autostitch (UBC)
Color Image Processing Pipeline in Digital Still Cameras
Implementing Image-Processing Pipelines in Digital Cameras
A simulation tool for evaluating digital camera image quality
CCD characterization for a range of color cameras
Pixim Digital Pixel System Technology

Photography web sites

Fluideffects (impressive before/after retouching)

The Mathematics of Depth of Field

Digital Photography Review (best resource for camera reviews)

The Luminous Landscape (really insightful, Reichman is a pro and has lots of interesting things to say)

Digital Outback Photo

Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights

Digital Photograhy Tutorials and Techniques by Sean McHugh (really good, fairly technical)

How Digital Cameras Work by Tom Hogan
Digital Photography For What It's Worth
Digital photography miscellaneous info
Digital Photography Fundamentals by Apple


Nikon F5 Series SLR models - Various Metering Systems

Nikon Light Metering

Canon camera museum

Wikipedia autofocus

Nikon artticle on autofocus


Do it yourself

Dirkon, the paper camera

Lego camera

High-Speed Visual Imaging

Camera stabilizer

Depth of field machine

Extreme Macro Photography on a budget

The Cookbook Camera Home Page

DIY cameras

Visual perception

Eye Design Book (includes animal visual systems)








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