6.098/6.882 Computational Photography --Spring 2006-- problem sets and solutions 6

6.098 Digital and Computational Photography

6.882 Advanced Computational Photography



Spring 2006



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Course schedule

Two ways to submit your homework


1) Put your write-up, code and results (if not in the write-up) in one zip file. Email it to me by Thursday midnight.


2) Hand in your write-up (paper) during Thursday class. Put your code and results in one zip file. Email it to me by Thursday midnight.


Please name the zip file as lastname_firstname.zip


Feb 9, 2006

Problem set 1 (download), data (download), solution (download)

Feb 23, 2006

Problem set 2 (download), data (download), solution (download)

Papers you may need to read for the homework

[1] E. Simoncelli and W.T. Freeman. The Steerable Pyramid: A Flexible Architecture for Multi-Scale Derivative Computation. IEEE ICIP, 1995 (pdf)

[2] E. Simoncelli and E.H. Adelson. Noise Removal via Bayesian Wavelet Coring. IEEE ICIP, 1996 (pdf) (you do not have to implement the algorithm in the paper)

[3] P. Burt and E.H. Adelson. A Multiresolution Spline with Application to Image Mosaics. ACM Trans. Graphics, 1983 (pdf) (your implementation should include an alpha map from mask.bmp)

[4] D.J. Heeger and J.R. Bergen. Pyramid-Based Texture Analysis/Synthesis. SIGGRAPH 1995 (pdf) (you do not need to consider color)

[5] Y.Y. Chuang, B. Curless, D.H. Salesin and R. Szeliski. A Bayesian Approach to Digital Matting. IEEE CVPR 2001 (pdf)

Go to http://www.cns.nyu.edu/~eero/steerpyr/ to download MATLAB toolbox for steerable pyramid and other useful info.

Mar 9, 2006

Problem set 3 (download), data (download), solution (download)

Papers you need to read for the homework

[1] F. Durand and J. Dorsey. Fast Bilateral Filtering for the Display of High-Dynamic-Range Images. SIGGRAPH 2002 (pdf)

[2] P. Perez, M. Gangnet and A. Blake. Poisson Image Editing. SIGGRAPH 2003 (pdf)

Please select one paper from this link for review.

Mar 24, 2006

Problem set 4 (download), data (download), solution (download)

Apr 14, 2006

Problem set 5 (download)




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