Following a major scrubbing of Geneis code by Robert McIntyre, Matthew Fay, and Patrick Winston it is now easy for MIT students to get on board via instructions for getting the Genesis sources into your Eclipse development environment with Git.

System Building using the Wire Paradigm

An explanation of the wire system building paradigm used to connect the modules in the Gauntlet Project.

Four world-reflecting representations and an implementation substrate

A discussion of the implementation substrate for Genesis representations.

How to Speak Genesese

Tips on how to write stories that Genesis can understand.

How to write to the commentary panel and popup explanations

Tips on how to write commentary displayed on the Genesis dashboard and how to arrange popup explanations.

How to interrupt

Brief explanation of how to interrup processing of a story and intervene, as when summarizing in the middle.

How to work with menal models

The latest capabilities of Genesis's mental model capability, alowing multiple interpretations of the same events and character entry and exit.