Download Micado

Download micado 1.5 (zip).

Installation Instructions



AutoCAD is essential to Micado, as Micado is structured as a plug-in on top of AutoCAD. If you're a student, you can download and use AutoCAD Electrical for free from AutoCAD Electrical is a superset of AutoCAD, so you'll be all set.

Java and Python

For the Java GUI, you'll need Java and Python. See the README.txt file in the javagui/src directory of your micado release for more information

Installation Steps

  1. Unzip the archive, and move the micado directory to where you'd like it: C:\micado, for example.
  2. Just once, run setup.bat.
    This script will generate micado.lnk, the micado shortcut to AutoCAD, and supporting files micado.cui & micado.scr.
    (If you change your micado directory, you'll have to run this script again in order to update the files.)
  3. Double-Click on the micado shortcut to the AutoCAD 2008 Application.
  4. At the AutoCAD prompt, type CUILOAD. Select the file micado.cui in your micado directory.

That's all. If you want to use the micado-specific commands, you'll have to use the micado shortcut to open the AutoCAD application from now on.

Possible Installation Issues