The idea behind this compilation is simple: violence is not a solution. Abortion is a form of violence against children and against women who are often offered few alternatives. Unintended pregnancy requires a far more compassionate response than the offer of a trip to the abortion clinic.

This concept is lived out daily by many civil rights workers, crisis pregnancy volunteers, and some political leaders, but it is invisible in the media, which portray everything in light of a rigid, conventional division between liberal and conservative. It is this invisibility to which this collection is a response. Over 100 articles, totalling over 100,000 words, are featured.

If you oppose militarism, the death penalty, and call for greater public attention to the plight of the poor, read on: you will be challenged to apply your principles consistently. If you are at home in the politial Right, read on: you will see that the idea that human life should be protected in all its stages is one that transcends politics, and demands a response beyond legal protection.

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"The language of the war lobby and the abortion lobby is from the same glossary of evasions..."

New (1/25): The Nordic Countries: Time for Consistency on the Unborn
(11/1): 100,000th visitor
(9/16) A remarkably balanced exploration of the ethical issues surrounding abortion at the BBC

Highlights of this site:

The consequences of treating a fetus as a human being: Kevin Kelly's article in the Whole Earth Review. Kelly is Executive Editor of Wired.

The Indivisible Fight for Life: Civil libertarian Nat Hentoff describes how the right to life is inseperable from other issues such as poverty and the death penalty.

Jesse Jackson on Abortion: His 1977 article for National Right to Life News compares arguments for abortion to those for slavery.

Abortion: The Left has betrayed the sanctity of life: Mary Meehan criticizes the inconsistency in The Progressive.

The Abortion Papers: Bob Woodward unearths primary evidence that the Roe v. Wade justices knew they were drawing "arbitrary" lines and that the decision was "legislative."

Abortion Bias Seeps Into News: A landmark Los Angeles Times investigation that found pervasive bias in the coverage of abortion in American media. 

Thanks to Serrin Foster, president of Feminists for Life of America, for suggesting the name of this site, which was inspired by the Seamless Garment Network.

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