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Nat Hentoff on Abortion

Nat Hentoff on Abortion

Nat Hentoff is a prominent civil libertarian, columnist, and author of many books including Free Speech for Me But Not for Thee.

To be liberal and pro-life: Nat Hentoff, champion of 'inconvenient life'

Cathryn Donohoe, The Washington Times, November 6, 1989

Until 1984, he had not given much thought to abortion, he says. He had accepted the view of all the women he knew, including his wife, that the right to an abortion is part of a woman's fundamental right to privacy, one that allows her control over her body and, by extension, her life. Then came the case of Baby Jane Doe. She was a Long Island infant born with spina bifida (a condition in which the spinal cord is unprotected because the spinal column does not close properly ...

The Indivisible Fight for Life
Nat Hentoff describes how the right to life is inseperable from other issues such as poverty and the death penalty.

The Specter Of Pro-Choice Eugenics
Nat Hentoff, The Washington Post, May 25, 1991

Pro-choice forces are so intent on removing all obstacles to abortion that eugenics is no specter to them.

Civil Rights And Anti-Abortion Protests
Nat Hentoff, The Washington Post
February 6, 1989

The Right-to-Life movement as a civil rights movement

Pro-lifers are more like the civil rights workers of the 19th century, the Abolitionists, who would not be deterred from their goal of ensuring equal rights for all human beings in this land. They believed, as these civil rights leaders later did, that social change comes only after social upheaval.

Yes, There Are Pro-Life Feminists

Nat Hentoff, The Washington Post, October 29, 1994

For years, women who identify themselves as pro-choice have told me with absolute assurance that it is impossible for a woman to be both pro-life and a feminist. Yet, in various parts of the country, I keep meeting women who indeed are both.

The censoring of feminist history
Nat Hentoff, March 27, 2000

Nat Hentoff describes how the pro-life roots of Feminism have been covered up.

Beyond the 'rehearsed response'
Nat Hentoff, The Village Voice, January 30, 1996

Nat Hentoff on the beginning of life.

Can a Nonperson Be a Victim?
Nat Hentoff, The Washington Post, March 27, 1993

Ana Rosa Rodriguez was born without a right arm. Actually, she was not supposed to have been born. Her mother, 19-year-old Rosa Rodriguez, 7 1/2 months pregnant, had gone to Dr. Abu Hayat on New York's Lower East Side for an abortion. It was botched; Ana Rosa was born the day after... The doctor's attorney's argument is that, according to Roe v. Wade, a fetus is not a person. And under New York state criminal law, unless a person is assaulted, no crime has been committed.

Pro-choice bigots: a view from the pro-life left.
Nat Hentoff, November 30, 1992

Men, women, and teenagers wrote from all over the country that they had thought themselves to be solitary pro-lifers in the office, at school, even at home. They were surprised to find that there was someone else who was against capital punishment, against Reagan and Bush, and dismayed at the annual killing of 1.6 million developing human beings.

Stereotyping Pro-Lifers
Nat Hentoff, The Washington Post, May 16, 1992

The press has a bent toward stereotyping pro-lifers. Accordingly, many readers and viewers have a decidedly limited sense of the diversity of pro-lifers.