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bibrefs in R5RS

Is there a consensus about the bibrefs in the R5RS?

Right now they strictly correspond to what is cited in the report,
unlike in R4RS, which means that
	- classical papers such as Clinger-Friedman-Wand:85 (which
introduced call/cc) and the lambda / ultimate papers are not mentioned;
	- only one Scheme-based textbook is mentioned (as if the Scheme
community were still A Very Small One).

Richard correctly points out that R5RS mentions the web address of the
Internet Scheme Repository, that this concern should have been brought up
earlier, and that the deadline is tomorrow, but still, not mentioning the
Scheme-based textbooks in the R5RS bibrefs is inconsistent with Scheme's
main success story so far, ie, education.

The textbooks are, in alphabetic order:
	- SICP2 (the only one mentioned in R5RS)
	- the revised version of Kent Dybvig's book
	- Eisenberg and Abelson's book
	- Eisenberg, Clinger, Hartheimer, and Abelson's book
	- the little Lisper, etc.
	- "Essentials of Programming Languages"
	- the Schemer's guide
	- Springer and Friedman's textbook
	- more?

Textbook authors could consider sending complete bibrefs to Richard,
so that if they are included, they are all correct.  Alternatively,
textbook authors should make sure that their book is mentioned in the
Internet Scheme Repository (most of them aren't today).

-- Olivier