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Re: R5RS countdown

   Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 17:11:47 -0500
   From: Richard Kelsey <kelsey@research.nj.nec.com>
   Cc: rrrs-authors@martigny.ai.mit.edu
   X-UIDL: fd583fb8aa96a0dadd72fe0f562e028d

      Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 22:28:53 -0500 (EST)
      From: Aubrey Jaffer <jaffer@ai.mit.edu>
      Cc: rrrs-authors@martigny.ai.mit.edu
      References:  <199802132226.RAA03677@kima.nj.nec.com>

      It took more than an hour for me to tease the Scheme code from the
      postscript file.  It would greatly facilitate testing if you would
      extract all the scheme code examples from r5rs.tex and post it to

   I didn't think of that.  I'll append them to the end of this

What R5RS bugs I have found I have found by actually trying to run
Scheme code contained in the report.  I am willing to test all of
these code examples before Friday if you extract them; what you
appended (derived expression syntax) is the part I finally did manage
to decode.