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Scheme Implementors' Workshop

To All Schemers:

We are organizing the Scheme Implementors Workshop because we believe that
Scheme is a great language with the right philosophy.  Scheme has tremendous
potential for future growth, but still lacks standardized features important
for that growth.

When we looked back over the history of Scheme we realized that the Brandeis
meeting was a great starting point for the first wave of Scheme because people
who cared about Scheme had organized a meeting in which implementors could
unify their divergent developments.  We decided that the current state of
Scheme called for such a meeting again.

The primary goal of this meeting is to assess the degree to which various
implementations' extensions of Scheme have diverged and to provide
implementors with a forum for discussing future developments.  In particular,
this forum will allow the implementors to decide whether they wish to make
their extensions of Scheme converge at some point in the future, and if so,
when and how that convergence might occur.

Our goal as organizers is not to prejudge any particular outcome but to
create an environment in which the continued evolution of Scheme can be

	Matthias Felleisen		Mitch Wand