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CFP: Scheme Implementors Workshop

To restate:

I am in favor of usefullness (i.e. using Scheme to build software
components and systems).  Observing over the years, the Author's group has
so many axes to grind (teachable, formally sound, efficiently
implementable, etc.) that trying to gain a concensus in this group of any
new feature has a probablity of 1%.  Trying something diffent is good.  I
and others have proposed a Scheme Users' Association to drive things, but
that has never come together.  I think that if the authors of the major
Scheme systems (Chez, Gambit, MIT, SCM, VSCM, ..) can get together and move
Scheme forward it would be great.  If "users" of Scheme can get together
and get the implementors to drive things forward it would be great.  If
individuals can do implementations that show the way and we can popularize
winning solutions amoung the authors it would be great.

Let's try all kinds of things.  Let's make Scheme great!


PS: I feel fine not being at this meeting.  Whatever works.