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Re: Scheme Implementors' Workshop

If your goal is not to prejudge the outcome, why are only implementors
permitted to come?  Is it your assumption that the opinions of the 
implementors and the opinions of users are working lockstep?

How can you refer to a meeting of "people who cared about Scheme" and then
later refer to "such a meeting again" and yet in the second case say that
only implementors will be invited.  Is the "set of implementors" the same
set as the "set of people who care about Scheme"?

How do you anticipate USERS feeding back information into this process?

What is the relationship between this meeting and a meeting of, say, the
Scheme authors?  Does this subsume any need for a meeting of the authors.
Is this orthogonal?  Can you please offer some hint of how you see the
meeting you're calling fitting into the larger issue of Scheme evolution?