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Re: Multiple values not for R4RS

You shouldn't have to worry so much about the wording, since that can
be left to whoever edits the R5RS.

Congratulations: you have reached consensus on multiple values.  Now
all you have to do is to maintain that consensus until the next meeting
and to agree on the name of WITH-VALUES, RECEIVE-VALUES, CALL-WITH-VALUES,

Summary of consensus: the VALUES procedure takes any number of arguments,
and simply passes them to its continuation.  A procedure to be named
later takes a thunk and a procedure, and calls the thunk with a
continuation that, when passed some values, calls the procedure that
was the second argument to the procedure to be named later with those
values as arguments.  Except for continuations created by the procedure
to be named later, all continuations take exactly one value, as now;
the effect of passing no value or more than one value to continuations
that were not created by the procedure to be named later is unspecified
(as indeed it is unspecified now).

Peace, Will