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Multiple values not for R4RS

   Posted-From: The MITRE Corp., Bedford, MA
   X-Alternate-Route: user%node@mbunix.mitre.org
   Posted-Date: Thu, 31 Aug 89 13:02:15 EDT
   From: ramsdell@linus.mitre.org
   Date: Thu, 31 Aug 89 13:02:15 EDT

   Morry, I think your wording is better than my attempt, but how about
   this small modification?

I only used the phraseology "value(s)" for pedantic reasons.  If
people generally feel that the implications are obvious without being
quite as pedantic, I am perfectly happy with your reworking of my

   I am not happy with Morry's rewording of the description of
   with-values.  Any more suggestions?

If it is possible, I would be interested in what about my wording you
find troubling.  (I realize that often bad feelings about wordings are
based on gut level feelings that are hard to explain.)  Given some
input, I would be happy to work on refining my prose.
Morry Katz