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(define x)

    Date: Mon, 13 Jun 88 17:44:35 EDT
    From: Jonathan A Rees <JAR@AI.AI.MIT.EDU>
    Subject:  (define x)
    To: Pavel.pa@XEROX.COM

    We need to decide whether this is to make sense only for top-level
    defines or for internal defines as well.  If for internal defines, the
    desugaring into LETREC has to be given; that would probably mean that
    LETREC would have to be extended (e.g. (letrec ((x) (y)) ...)); and that
    seems like a bad idea to me ...

I don't find anything especially distasteful about it -- it strikes me
as useful for precisely the same purposes as the top-level (define x).
In fact, I would encourage (laziness prevents me from getting up and
checking the RRRS to see if it's already permitted) the form
(let ((x) (y)) ...) also, following the same argument.	-Bert Halstead