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(define x)

>We need to decide whether this is to make sense only for top-level
>defines or for internal defines as well.  If for internal defines, the
>desugaring into LETREC has to be given; that would probably mean that
>LETREC would have to be extended (e.g. (letrec ((x) (y)) ...)); and that
>seems like a bad idea to me, although I don't feel strongly; so I'd
>suggest making it a special case for top level.  Top level defines are
>already sufficiently different from internal ones (e.g. they are
>evaluated sequentially, and may be interspersed with expressions) that
>this doesn't seem too terrible.

I think internal (DEFINE X) has much less justification than top-level
ones, so I'd rather avoid the mess of allowing (LETREC ((X) (Y)) ...).