The COMMIT Group


  • BuildIt

    A framework for rapidly developing high-performance DSLs with little to no compiler knowledge.
  • The Tensor Compiler

    A compiler for sparse tensor algebra expressions.
  • Finch

    A compiler for next generation array programming.
  • GraphIt

    A high-performance language for graph analytics.
  • Next Generation Auto-vectorization

    Auto-vectorization research for the next generation of processors
  • Seq

    A Language for Bioinformatics
  • OpenTuner

    An extensible framework for program autotuning.
  • Halide

    A language for image processing and computational photography.
  • The Tiramisu Compiler

    A compiler for expressing fast, portable and composable data parallel computations.
  • StreamIt

    A high-performance language and compiler for streaming applications.
  • DynamoRIO

    An efficient runtime code manipulation system.