The COMMIT Group


  • Next Generation Auto-vectorization

    Auto-vectorization research for the next generation of processors
  • GraphIt

    A high-performance language for graph analytics.
  • The Tiramisu Compiler

    A compiler for expressing fast, portable and composable data parallel computations.
  • The Tensor Compiler

    A compiler for sparse tensor algebra expressions.
  • Simit

    A language for computing on sparse systems.
  • Halide

    A language for image processing and computational photography.
  • Distributed Halide

    Extensions for Halide to execute on distributed memory
  • Helium

    Lifting stencil code from stripped x86 binaries to Halide DSL code
  • OpenTuner

    An extensible framework for program autotuning.
  • PetaBricks

    A language that exposes algorithmic choices to the compiler.
  • Kendo

    A Deterministic Multithreading library for commodity hardware.
  • StreamIt

    A high-performance language and compiler for streaming applications.
  • DynamoRIO

    An efficient runtime code manipulation system.
  • Umbra

    An Efficient and Scalable Memory Shadowing Framework
  • Micado

    An AutoCAD plug-in for programmable microfluidic chips.
  • Raw Compiler

    Exploring compiler issues in next-generation architectures.
  • Bitwise

    Automatic detection of operands which are smaller than their declared type.
  • RIO

    Runtime Introspection and Optimization.
  • Softspec

    Speculative parallelism in software based on stride prediction.
  • Superword Level Parallelism

    Automatic compilation for multimedia instruction sets.
  • Memory System Micro Optimizations

    Exposing underlying hardware mechanisms to application specific configurations/optimizations.