VersaBench – A Benchmark Suite for Versatile Architectures

The VersaBench suite is intended to facilitate research in flexible architectures. We provide each benchmark as a C program, although you may rewrite the application in any another language (e.g., Fortran, StreamIt, Verilog, Assembly). We will post different implementations, for each benchmark, as they become available. We will also post VersaBench results for different architectures as they become available.

The VersaBench suite consists of fifteen benchmarks, organized into five categories: desktop integer, desktop floating-point, server, embedded-streaming, and embedded-bit-processing. The VersaBench suite is distributed as a gzipped-tar file. You may also download benchtools, a set of scripts designed to automate the compilation and result gathering processes.

  • Review the benchmarking methodology
  • Download VersaBench
  • Download BenchTools

  • ClassBenchmarkDescriptionSource
    Integer 181.mcf Combinatorial optimizer SPEC 2K
    197.parser Link grammar parser SPEC 2K
    300.twolf Place and route simulations SPEC 2K
    Float 101.tomcatv Vectorized mesh generator SPEC 95
    vpenta Pentadiagonal matrix inverter SPEC 92
    bmm Blocked matrix multiplication Trimaran
    Server 172.mgrid Multi-grid solver SPEC 2K
    177.mesa 3D-Graphics library SPEC 2K
    dbms DataBase Management System AAEC
    Stream beamformer Multi-channel beam-former StreamIt
    cornerturn Large matrix transposer USC ISI
    fmradio Software FM radio StreamIt
    Bit 802.11a Convolutional encoder from IEEE 802.11a standard Raw
    8b10b IBM 8bit/10bit block encoder Raw
    ecbdes ECB encoder of the Data Encryption Standard Raw

    Last updated: Saturday June 04 2004