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Complete list of StreamIt Publications
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StreamIt Language Specification

StreamIt Language Specification, Version 2.1.
September 2006.

StreamIt Cookbook.
September 2006.


An Empirical Characterization of Stream Programs and its Implications for Language and Compiler Design.
William Thies.
PACT 2010, Vienna, Austria, September, 2010.

Compiler Techniques for Scalable Performance of Stream Programs on Multicore Architectures.
Michael I. Gordon.
Thesis defense, MIT, April, 2010.

Manipulating Lossless Video in the Compressed Domain.
William Thies.
ACM Multimedia 2009, Beijing, China, October, 2009.

Language and Compiler Support for Stream Programs.
William Thies.
Thesis defense, MIT, September, 2008.

MPEG-2 Decoding in a Stream Programming Language.
Matthew Drake.
IPDPS 2006, Rhodes, Greece, April, 2006.

High-Productivity Stream Programming for High-Performance Systems.
Rodric Rabbah.
HPEC 2005, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA, September, 2005.

Optimizing Stream Programs Using Linear State Space Analysis.
William Thies.
CASES 2005, San Francisco, CA, September 2005.

Teleport Messaging for Distributed Stream Programs.
William Thies.
PPoPP 2005, Chicago, IL, June, 2005.

Cache Aware Optimization of Stream Programs.
Janis Sermulins.
LCTES 2005, Chicago, IL, June, 2005.

StreamIt: A Compiler Infrastructure for Stream Programs.
William Thies.
IBM Programming Languages Day, Yorktown Heights, NY, 2004.

Language, Compiler and Development Support for Stream Computing.
Rodric M. Rabbah.
High Productivity Programming Languages and Models Workshop, Santa Monica, CA, 2004.

Architectures, Languages, and Compilers for the Streaming Domain.
Saman Amarasinghe and William Thies.
PACT 2003 Tutorial, New Orleans, LA, September, 2003.

Linear Analysis and Optimization of Stream Programs.
Saman Amarasinghe.
PLDI 2003, San Diego, CA, June, 2003.

Phased Scheduling of Stream Programs.
Michal Karczmarek.
LCTES 2003, San Diego, CA, June, 2003.

StreamIt: High-Level Stream Programming on Raw.
William Thies.
Raw Introduction Day, Cambridge, MA, March, 2003.

Also available as a streaming video (low or high resolution).

A Stream Compiler for Communication-Exposed Architectures.
Saman Amarasinghe.
ASPLOS 2002, San Jose, CA, October, 2002.

StreamIt on Raw.
Michael Gordon.
MIT Computer Architecture Workshop, September 2002.

StreamIt: A Language for Streaming Applications.
William Thies.
New England Programming Languages and Systems Symposium (NEPLS), Yale, Connecticut, August, 2002.

This presentation is an updated version of the one from CC 2002.

A Common Machine Language for Communication-Exposed Architectures.
William Thies.
HPCA Work-in-Progress Session, Cambridge, Massachussetts, February, 2002.

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