• Y. Bryce Kim is a Ph.D. candidate in computer science working in the Anyscale Learning for All (ALFA) group at CSAIL. His main interests include developing novel machine learning and data analytics methods to solve complex real- world problems. Between his masters and doctoral studies, he worked for Samsung Electronics and for Citigroup Global Markets. He received S.M. in Computer Science from MIT and Sc.B. in Mathematics and Physics from Brown University. He also read Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.
  • Miguel Paredes is a Ph.D. candidate in ALFA working on OSaaS. He received his bachelors degree in Systems Engineering from Universidad de Lima and holds two Masters degrees from MIT (M.Sc in Engineering and a Masters in International Development). He was born and raised in Peru, is a dual US / Peruvian citizen, loves to play soccer, and to play chess. He has a wonderful family and two amazing little girls.
  • Alejandro Baldominos, MSc is a PhD student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), working in the Evolutionary Computation Group. During 2016, he has collaborated with ALFA Group (CSAIL, MIT) in BeatDB project. His research lines involve scalable machine learning, evolutionary computation applications and application of artificial intelligence techniques to the biomedical domain.
  • Steven Rivera is an M.Eng student in ALFA working on BeatDB. He received my bachelors degree from MIT this past June in Computer Science and will work at Facebook Seattle after graduation. He is an active member in my fraternity, Theta Delta Chi, and is a percussionist for an R&B band on campus. In my spare time, he likes to build computers, read, and listen to music. .
  • Erik Hemberg, PhD is a Post Doctoral researcher in the ALFA group in CSAIL at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He performs research regarding scaleable machine learning. He is currently involved in research regarding tax evasion and physiological time series prediction. Dr. Hemberg received his PhD in Computer Science from University College Dublin, Ireland.
  • Una-May O’Reilly, PhD is founder of the AnyScale Learning For All (ALFA) group. She has expertise in big data, scalable machine learning, evolutionary algorithms, and frameworks for large-scale, automated knowledge mining, prediction and analytics. She educates the forthcoming generation of data scientists, teaching them how develop state of art techniques that address the challenges spanning data integration to knowledge extraction.