OUR FOCUS: Scalable machine learning and frameworks for knowledge mining, prediction, analytics and optimization.

May 2015:
Jacob Rosen received Best Thesis Award from the Technology and Policy Program at MIT EDS department for his thesis "Computer Aided Tax Avoidance Policy Analysis".

November 2014:
ALFA fields 4 representations at the MIT Big Data Initiative Annual Meeting...more

October 2014
ALFA research on MOOC student drop out prediction was highlighted with a guest post on the edX blog.

APPLICATIONS: Clinical Medicine Knowledge Discovery: arterial blood pressure forecasting and pattern recognition, diuretics in the ICU; Wind Energy: turbine layout optimization, resource prediction, cable layout; MOOC Technology: moocDB, dynamics of student persistence in 6.002X, resource usage analysis. BIGDATA.

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The ALFA Group is formerly the Evolutionary Design and Optimization Group edo_web_medium.png: 454x279, 20k (April 03, 2012, at 08:21 PM)

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