OUR FOCUS: Scalable machine learning technology and data science frameworks for knowledge mining, prediction, analytics and optimization.

August 2016:
Bryce Kim won the National Science Foundation (NSF) Award for Young Professionals Contributing to Smart and Connected Health link.

November 2015:
Check up our updated information on 2016 UROPs/AUP/Pre-MEng and MEng projects here.
Congratulations to Dr. Erik Hemberg on being accepted into the 2015-2016 MIT Translational Fellows Program, an activity of the MIT Innovation Initiative.

ALFA's 2015 Summer and Fall publication and conference schedule is mostly determined. See ALFA's Publications page for the details.

October 2015:
Coverage in the New York Times and elsewhere of the STEALTH project.

Coverage in MIT News and elsewhere on the Data Science Machine.

August 2015:
Farewell to Dr. Ignacio Arnaldo and best wished for his new position at Pattern Ex.

June 2015:
Farewell to Jacob Rosen and best wishes for his new job at MITRE.

May 2015:
Jacob Rosen received Best Thesis Award from the Technology and Policy Program at MIT EDS department for his thesis "Computer Aided Tax Avoidance Policy Analysis".

APPLICATIONS: Clinical Medicine Knowledge Discovery: large scale physiological time series forecasting and similarity-based retrieval, leveraging data in observational studies; MOOC Technology: data standards, data privacy, machine learning blocks, feature solicitation, transfer learning; Cyber-Security/Tax Evasion Detection: formalism of law, co-evolutionary dynamics; Scheduling: hyper-parameter optimization, machine learning and evolutionary algorithms for batch selection and job sequencing; Wind Energy: resource prediction, turbine layout optimization, cable layout.

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