OUR FOCUS: Scalable evolutionary algorithms, machine learning and frameworks for knowledge mining, prediction, analytics and optimization.

August 2014: ALFA welcomes a number of visitors. Sherif Halawa joins us from Stanford University. He is a member of the Lytics Lab. Varun Aggarwal, an alum of the group joins us from Aspiring Minds, India. Sylvain Cussat-Blanc joins us from University of Toulouse.

July 2014: Una-May O'Reilly and ALFA visitor Prof. Krzyztof Krawiec of won best paper in the Genetic Programming track at GECCO 2014. The paper, entitled "Behavioral Programming: A Broader and More Detailed Take on Semantic GP" will shortly be available via a free download link to the ACM digital library posted on our Publications page.

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APPLICATIONS: Clinical Medicine Knowledge Discovery: arterial blood pressure forecasting and pattern recognition, diuretics in the ICU; Wind Energy: turbine layout optimization, resource prediction, cable layout; MOOC Technology: moocDB, dynamics of student persistence in 6.002X, resource usage analysis. BIGDATA.

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