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Re: multiple values proposal

> Date:	Fri, 19 Mar 1993 00:14:09 -0800
> From:	Christian Queinnec <Christian.Queinnec@inria.fr>
>                                                                     Remember,
>    CALL-WITH-CURRENT-CONTINUATION never creates a new continuation but rather
>    simply reifies the one it was called with. 
> But this certainly does not mean that
> (call/cc (lambda (k1)
>            (call/cc (lambda (k2)
>                       (or (eq? k1 k2) (eqv? k1 k2)) )) ))
> is true albeit similarly reified (not created) continuations are compared.

While the two comparisons are certainly not *required* to return #t, neither
are they *prohibited* from doing so.  The result of this program is unspecified
and could be either true or false in correct implementations.