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machine-readable copies of papers/tech-reports

I have created a new section (txt) in the Scheme Repository to
store various machine readable text of papers and tech reports 
relevant to Scheme. This section currently contains the single
NASA-JPL tech report: Brian Beckman's [thanks Brian] "A Scheme
for Interactive Graphics". I am looking for other papers, such
as those soon to be presented in the upcoming L&FP [this would
be especially nice] and other papers published [or soon to be]
in various journals, proceedings etc.

Any material may be directly uploaded to the Scheme Repository
via ftp: use pub/scheme/tmp, or may be mailed to me, or I will
pick it up as required.

The Scheme Repository is [still] located at nexus.yorku.ca for
ftp access. See pub/scheme/README.

cheers...	oz
ps: nexus.yorku.ca:
It's only work if somebody makes | internet: oz@nexus.yorku.ca
you do it. -- Calvin             | phone: 416 736 2100 x 33976