Video demonstrations

Earlier play by play with Co57

Early play by play with Co57

Eye tracking

Earlier demonstrations of play-by-play

Play by play at processing speed, 2/3 real time, multiple processorsPlay by play with holds for processor catch up, one processor

Demonstrations of eye tracking


Still earlier demonstrations of play-by-play

More, earlier, play-by-play videos produced in cooperation with Co57. Processing video provided by Co57 is further processed to produce an event sequence, which is then rendered in spoken English. There are many misperceptions, but the overall flow is sensible.

In these videos, Co57's Beryl system generates attention traces...

... which are passed to MIT's IMPACT pattern analysis system to produce events...

... which are passed on to MIT START natural language generator...

... which are passed to readily available speech synthesizer

all under the control of MIT's Genesis system.

Give and takeThrow
Drop and move


During 2002, we implemented Bridge 2002, a foundation for our next steps. You can see Bridge 2002 in action by pressing one of the following, whichever suits your computer:

Excellent quality, but you will not see anything happen until all 12 megabytes of data are downloaded. Do not try this on a telephone line.
Also excellent quality, also does not stream.
Media Player
Also excellent quality, and streams, so you will see something soon, if you happen to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Be sure to play the video at its full origninal size to ensure high-quality rendering.

If all else fails, try the Animated Gif version, which is just about sure to display, but you cannot control where you are in the video. We have tested all of these on several machines. If you have trouble running he vidio, or the video is not sharp, you should check to be sure you have the latest version of your chosen viewer.