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You’ve seen headlines like: "Company Accused of Firing Over Facebook Post"; "Are Facebook ads outing gay users?", and "The Age of No Privacy". Where does information go on the Internet? Who uses it, and for what purposes?

At CSAIL’s Decentralized Information Group (DIG), we’re interested in how information on the Web is used (or misused).  We build tools to help address the technical and social complexity of world that is increasingly awash in information. Examples include respecting personal privacy in social networks, sharing information among government agencies, and drawing valid results from online databases. We’re aiming to create a World Wide Web that is “Policy-aware”, where information is accompanied by rules that govern its use, and where automated reasoners detect if the use of the data complies with the rules. We use techniques from Linked Data (Semantic Web), automated reasoning, and parsing rules. Some particular challenges are (1)  Expressing policies in machine-readable form (2) Extracting and combining information from independent sources (like your Facebook page, your Flickr page, and your Tweets) (3) Building automated reasoners that continue working when rules and facts change, and are even contradictory (3) Expressing real policies, such as actual laws, in ways that the information can be interpreted by machines.

If you'd like to work on these kinds of research problems, send email to Amy and come talk to us. We are interested in working with students at all levels, UROP, MEng or PhD. Please see our current UROP opportunities.

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