The Vision Interface Group was located at MIT CSAIL from 1999-2008. Prof. Darrell left MIT in 2008; his new group is now located at UC Berkeley EECS and ICSI. See his current webpage at This web site documents the group as of 2008. The group developed algorithms and systems for perceptive interfaces, which enable users to interact with machines using natural expression and gesture and also allow machines to understand a users’ physical environment. We developed computer vision algorithms to support two very useful forms of interaction: first, enabling machines to interact with people through multimodal conversation, and second, allowing devices to recognize objects of interest to a user and provide situated search for information about those objects. Enabling machines to understand multimodal communication and reference is extremely valuable in many application areas. Our projects can be clustered roughly into three technical topics:
  • multimodal stream processing
  • estimation of human body pose and gesture, and
  • matching and recognition of scenes, objects, and object categories.
These are described in more detail on the project page, and in the publications listed on the publications page.