MIT Theory of Distributed Systems

The Theory of Distributed Systems Group is part of the Theory of Computation Group at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of MIT.

MIT's Theory of Distributed Systems (TDS) research group works on a wide range of problems involving distributed and real-time systems. The work has a theoretical flavor, but is closely tied to practice. Roughly speaking, the research can be classified into:

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Research Opportunities

The TDS group is currently funded in part by the following:

  • Air Force Aerospace Research-OSR
  • NSF
  • NTT
  • Oxygen

    For more information please contact the group secretary Joanne Talbot Hanley.
    545 Technology Square NE43-366
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    617 253-6054 (office)
    617 258-8682 (fax)

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