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Galaxy Architecture

GALAXY is an architecture developed by the SLS group for integrating speech technologies to create conversational spoken language systems. GALAXY utilizes a client/server approach where users can communicate with the system from light-weight clients while specialized servers handle the computationally heavy tasks such as speech recognition, language understanding, database access and speech synthesis. GALAXY's key architectural component is a central programmable Hub which controls the flow of data between the various clients and servers and retains the state and history of the current conversation. GALAXY has been selected as the reference architecture for the DARPA Communicator Program. In collaboration with the MITRE Corporation, the SLS group released GALAXY as an open source package.


S. Seneff, E. Hurley, R. Lau, C. Pao, P. Schmid, and V. Zue, "GALAXY-II: A Reference Architecture for Conversational System Development," Proc. ICSLP 98, Sydney, Australia, November 1998. (PDF)

S. Seneff, R. Lau and J. Polifroni, "Organization, Communication, and Control in the GALAXY-II Conversational System," Proc. Eurospeech 99, Budapest, Hungary, September 1999. (PDF)

J. Polifroni and S. Seneff, "GALAXY-II as an Architecture for Spoken Dialogue Evaluation" Proc. Second International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), Athens, Greece, May 31-June 2, 2000. (PDF)

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