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We compare our implementation of SFFT to FFTW (a very efficient implementation of the FFT algorithm) and to AAFFT (a recent algorithm that exploits sparsity to perform a faster fourier transform).

On the graphs to the left, we fix the sparsity of the signal (the number of non-zero frequencies K) and we vary the signal size N. On the graphs to the right, we fix the signal size N and vary the sparsity of the signal.

The graphs on the top compare SFFT 3.0 [STOC'12] (exactly k sparse algorithm) with FFTW and AAFFT. The bottom graphs compare SFFT 1.0 and 2.0 [SODA'12] to FFTW and AAFFT. You can click on each graph to enlarge. For a detailed comparison please refer to the papers in the Publications section.