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Re: May I distribute my Japanese translation of your R4RS texinfo? [1/3]

> It is ironic that R5RS is due to be released next week.  Please do not
> delay your distribution.  I may not have time to convert R5RS to
> texinfo for a while; perhaps someone else will.

R5RS comes at last!  I feel sadness and gladness at the same time.

>    Thereupon I think I have to ask you: may I distribute my
>    Japanese translation of your R4RS texinfo?
> Yes.  I am CC:-ing this message to the rrrs-authors mailing-list so
> they will know of your work.
>    I intend to distribute it via fj.archives and fj.lang.lisp, both
>    of which are Japanese noncommercial newsgroups of NetNews.

Thank you.  Gladly I have posted the R4RS translation to
	Subject: (1/2) Japanese R4RS texinfo
	Message-ID: <SUZUKI.98Feb16173853@oz.otsl.oki.co.jp>
	Subject: (2/2) Japanese R4RS texinfo
	Message-ID: <SUZUKI.98Feb16174038@oz.otsl.oki.co.jp>

>    Anyway, as my acknowledgment, I send you my Japanese translation
>    in a gzip'ed + uuencode'd + split'ed format by subsequent two
>    mails.
> The first message was truncated before the end of line; I could not
> reassemble the pieces successfully.

I am afraid it may be truncated again if I re-send it to you by
e-mail.  So please see the above articles for the file.

> Please send us the URL for ftp site of our distribution so that those
> of us maintaining (scheme) WWW-pages can link to yours.

I'm sorry, but my site has not set up anonymous ftp yet.  The
translation is distributed to the public only via NetNews for

With my best regards

--===-----========------------- SANA ESPRIMO NASKAS SANAN IDEON.
SUZUKI Hisao           e-mail: suzuki@acm.org, suzuki@otsl.co.jp