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Re: May I distribute my Japanese translation of your R4RS texinfo? [1/3]

   Date: Mon, 16 Feb 98 08:23:31 JST
   From: suzuki@otsl.co.jp (SUZUKI Hisao)
   X-UIDL: 5303fc881e4c01040df01b0fc0b8d4c9

   Dear A. Jaffer,

   How do you do.  I am Hisao, a Japanese fan of Scheme.  Last year
   I got the R4RS which was converted to texinfo by you:


   As far as I know, up to now we have not had a good Japanese
   translation of the R4RS.  We need one which is written in a
   style so plain that average Japanese students and engineers can
   comprehend it, and in a format so portable that many Un*x
   platforms can process it.  So I decided to translate your R4RS
   texinfo into Japanese last summer, have made my best voluntary
   efforts, and at last, I finished it last week.

It is ironic that R5RS is due to be released next week.  Please do not
delay your distribution.  I may not have time to convert R5RS to
texinfo for a while; perhaps someone else will.

   Thereupon I think I have to ask you: may I distribute my
   Japanese translation of your R4RS texinfo?

Yes.  I am CC:-ing this message to the rrrs-authors mailing-list so
they will know of your work.

   I intend to distribute it via fj.archives and fj.lang.lisp, both
   of which are Japanese noncommercial newsgroups of NetNews.

   Of course, following the original R4RS statement, I intend this
   translation to belong to the entire Scheme community, and so I
   grant permission to copy it in whole or in part without fee.  In
   particular, I encourage implementors of Scheme to use this
   translation as a starting point for Japanese manuals and other
   documentation, modifying it as necessary.

   Anyway, as my acknowledgment, I send you my Japanese translation
   in a gzip'ed + uuencode'd + split'ed format by subsequent two

The first message was truncated before the end of line; I could not
reassemble the pieces successfully.

Please send us the URL for ftp site of our distribution so that those
of us maintaining (scheme) WWW-pages can link to yours.

   Hoping to hear from you soon.

   --===-----========------------- SANA ESPRIMO NASKAS SANAN IDEON.
   SUZUKI Hisao           e-mail: suzuki@acm.org, suzuki@otsl.co.jp

I am a guest and *not* a member of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.
      My actions and comments do not reflect in any way on MIT.