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null-environment inconsistency in core.tex.gz

   Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 14:29:26 -0400
   From: Richard Kelsey <kelsey@research.nj.nec.com>
   Cc: rrrs-authors@martigny.ai.mit.edu

   The TeX source for the main body of the draft report (no syntax,
   semantics, index etc.) is now available as:


				       -Richard Kelsey

In the EVAL example, null-environment is called without arguments.
Yet the \proto line for null-environment specifies a `version'

 (eval '(* 7 3) (scheme-report-environment 5))
						    \ev  21

 (let ((f (eval '(lambda (f x) (f x x))
   (f + 10))
						    \ev  20


 \proto{scheme-report-environment}{ version}{procedure}
 \proto{null-environment}{ version}{procedure}}

 \var{Version} must be an exact non-negative integer $n$ corresponding to a
 version of one of the Revised$^n$ Reports on Scheme.
 {\cf Scheme-report-environment}
 returns a specifier for an environment that contains exactly the
 set of bindings specified in the corresponding report that the
 implementation supports.
 {\cf Null-environment}
 returns a specifier for an environment that contains only the
 (syntactic) bindings for all the syntactic keywords defined in the
 given version of the report.