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                        CALL FOR WORKSHOPS 

		        The 3rd ACM SIGPLAN 

    International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP '98) 

                  Mt Washington Conference Center
                     Baltimore, Maryland, USA
                       27-29 September 1998 

The third International Conference on Functional Programming provides a
forum for researchers, developers, teachers, as well as users who love
programming with functions. The conference combines the Lisp and Functional
Programming (LFP) conference and the Functional Programming and Computer
Architecture (FPCA) conference, and is sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN.

ICFP '98 seeks a small number of workshop organizers who are interested in
co-locating a workshop on a functional programming language or on a topic
related to functional programming (in the sense of the Call for Papers). In
the past ICFP (incl. LFP, FPCA) has been co-located with workshops on:

      Teaching Introductory Courses with Functional Languages 
      Types in Compilation

The workshops will take place on Saturday, September 26, 1998. The
organizers should plan for half day or full day workshops.

Potential organizers should contact the general chair: 

	Matthias Felleisen, matthias@rice.edu

The deadline is June 1, 1998.