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R4.97RS comments

(1) Might I suggest a wording change?  This is on page 33, about
`interaction-environment'.  The phrase "dynamically typed by the user"
sounds odd to my ears, and it assumes a certain mode of entry too.
How about "entered by the user"?

(2) A more serious comment: The macro provided for `begin' on pages
42-43 appears to be incorrect, even allowing for the caveat provided.
It works only if the individual expressions return a single value:

    (values 1 2)

would (incorrectly) signal an error with that expansion.

(3) Actually, the text for `let' (page 10) says nothing about multiple
values.  I think this should be corrected by stating "single value"
wherever appropriate (which is most everywhere).  This is a very
pervasive change, but it seems to be the price to pay for introducing
multiple values; without this, too many expressions would have
unspecified behavior.  (Perhaps there is already some cover-all phrase
that I'm missing?)