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Re: Why would anyone want opacity?

From: Jeff Dalton <jeff@aiai.ed.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: Why would anyone want opacity?
Date: Fri, 10 May 96 19:34:59 BST

> Actually, "At night it is cooler than outside" could well make
> sense, in the right context, which I will leave as an exercise
> for the reader.  (After all, you can't expect to fully understand
> such a sentence in isolation, becuase you need some idea of what
> "it" refers to.)

This is getting a further bit off topic...

The sentence "At night it is cooler than outside." is my miserable
attempt at translating one of the (famous?) Prof. Galletti quotes
(from German), which I remember as: ``Nachts ist es kaelter als

Galletti sentences are the prototypical example of natural-language
sentences that don't "type-check".  But granted, even in German the
above sentence could be made to work when put into the right