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Re: Why would anyone want opacity?

> > But I guess my views on this are somewhat different.  [...]
> >
> > What language forces programmers to use the exception system, use
> > the library, read the documentation?  None of the languages in
> > widespread use do such things, so far as I know.  [...]

Perhaps, in light of Oz's reply, I need to make it clear that
I was not trying to say or imply that _he_ though languages did
force programmers to use the exception system, and similarly
for a number of other things he may have had in mind when

> i doubt i have suggested many of the
> things you seem to have derived from my post.

(I don't know what he did have in mind there, though I took a 
stab at one possibility above.)

Still, I did misunderstand some things about his message in ways that
are revealed by his reply.  For instance, I didn't realize that he
meant for C++ to be seen as providing some relevant help.

-- jd