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Proposal for exception handling

|   Date: Mon, 18 Sep 95 10:33 WET DST
|   From: Jonathan A Rees <jar@biols.susx.ac.uk>
|      Date: Fri, 15 Sep 95 13:40:43 -0400
|      From: "Guillermo J. Rozas" <gjr@martigny.ai.mit.edu>
|      I'm very much in favor of the creation of new unique types, but I
|      don't believe in opaque types at all.  They prevent me from writing
|      pretty-printers, debuggers, general parsers, etc.
|   How would you propose that these programs deal with procedures?
|   How should the language be changed to assist these programs?
|   Scheme already has opaque types, namely those synthesized from
|   procedures.  The only deep difference between procedures and the
|   various other opaque type proposals is whether instances of a type can
|   be recognized as such.

I ultimately do not believe in the opaqueness of procedures either.  I
did write a thesis about it some time ago, I seem to remember...