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Re: proposals for R5RS (sorry)

> > I approve of adding vector patterns and an escape.
> > I think overloading dot-dot-dot would be silly and confusing.
> > Sort of like overloading a single operator to mean both LAMBDA
> > and QUOTE would be.
> I don't agree with your objection, and your analogy is flawed.
> Whatever the escape is, it will be used infrequently, and ... will
> suggest to the reader that something is going on with ellipses.  For
> those writing macros, ... is an easier escape to remember.
> We can't use the same keyword for both lambda and quote, since there is
> no way in general to know which is intended.  With the proposed use of
> ellipses, there is no such ambiguity.

I'm worried that two uses of "..." would be confusing, but perhaps
they wouldn't be.  I'm not sure.  Before I can be happy with "..."
I'd like to know that the meaning will be clear to the human reader,
not just to Scheme.

-- jeff